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The Elements of a Tumble dryer Fire

Ward off a fire hazard with professional dryer vent cleaning and dryer maintenance service

The majority of people are attentive about having their furnace cleaned, unfortunately, so few homeowners contemplate the clothes dryer in regard to fire protection. Lots of dryer fires develop each year, causing fatalities, traumas, building damage and home loss. Besides being a fire risk, unfit dryer venting also poses a carbon monoxide exposure. These misfortunes can be eliminated with adequately installed and maintained dryer venting.

A tumble dryer fire happens when lint collects impeding airflow which then triggers overheating. The heat and the volatile dryer lint are the principal elements for a dryer fire. Clothes dryers manufacture a great deal of lint and simply cleaning the lint screen is not nearly enough. The lint screen captures a lot of lint however some gets into the inside of the dryer, precariously near the pilot light. The very best strategy to be sure your dryer venting equipment is dependable is to get it professionally inspected and cleaned about once a year.

Yet another issue is the span of the duct; the shorter, the more effective. Years ago most washers and dryers were in the basement, on an outside wall, with a pretty short, straight vent to the outdoors. These days some newer residences will have their laundry room located far from an outside wall, with some located on the second floor. This means dryer vent lines are a lot longer and contain some elboes in which lint can accumulate. They’re also harder to get to hence harder to keep cleaned. The most suitable dryer vent system is short and straight. The sections need to also be joined together to leave the interior smooth and free of screws or rivets which lint could get caught on.

It is important that the vent be made from stiff material, not the pliable, foil variety of tube that crushes easily, to prohibit airflow. Allow ample clearance between the clothes dryer and the wall. A mistake people routinely make is pushing the dryer too close to the wall, compressing the venting and generating a ventilation concern right off the bat.

Here is one final tip that not too many people are aware of. The dryer vent filter needs to be rinsed thoroughly with warm soapy water every few months to remove residue accumulation generated by dryer sheets. It is indeed feasible for the lint screen to have so much accumulation on it that it will hold water! This clearly prohibits air flow and causes the dryer to take more than one cycle to effectively dry a load of laundry.
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This feature was submitted by The Dryer Vent Wizard, who wants all homeowners to be knowledgeable about how precarious their seemingly innocent clothes dryer might be. The Wizard gives more fire safety strategies and simple, precautionary actions for minimizing the risk of a clothes dryer fire at

Local handyman service makes available functional and cost effective strategies for seniors and those living with physical disabilities

The HandyPro AIM approach has gained approval among local seniors and aging homeowners who have a desire to continue staying in their own house but have need for improved mobility and accessibility. The local bathroom remodeling expert with HandyPro Handyman Service installs the essential equipment and devices like walk-in bathtubs and roll in showers fashioned to produce a relaxing and independent home atmosphere.

The one-of-a-kind AIM approach introduced by HandyPro Handyman Service guarantees each client’s individual needs with a budget-friendly style. AIM, (Assess, Inform, Modify), has proven to be the solution to a growing need for bathroom remodeling, walk in bathtubs, wheel in showers and many other home modification services for people approaching retirement age. Collin Dickey, owner of HandyPro Handyman Service ( is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist serving to suit this growing need.

The AIM approach kicks off with a free at home assessment consisting of a comprehensive walk-through and review. The handyman will establish the items necessary to develop a safe and secure dwelling based on the customer’s own needs as he concentrates on three primary areas:

• Mobility within and outside the house
• Access to everyday needs and personal care
• Basic safety which is the goal in all home modification services

As soon as the assessment is complete the Aging in Place Specialist will spell out his solution to provide the necessary improvement and devices needed. Additionally, he will review the correct and safe use and upkeep of the new systems and devices. His aim is to make sure the cost of the work is budget-friendly and completed in a timely manner.

Throughout the whole home modification procedure the handyman will remain in communication with the customer to ensure total satisfaction and peace of mind. Collin Dickey’s latest focal point is bathroom remodeling service emphasizing walk-in bathtubs. Go to to read more.

About HandyPro Handyman Services:
HandyPro is a full service handyman providing home repairs and enhancements, industrial building repairs and facility maintenance service. Home modification and bathroom remodeling is their current area of expertise. HandyPro understands the necessity for senior home modification is often immediate and the Aging in Place Specialist is ready to perform promptly to provide a prompt approach to the need for a safe, accessible and impediment free lifestyle environment. HandyPro is devoted to assisting golden-agers and those with living physical challenges dwell safely and comfortably in their own home.


Collin Dickey, President
HandyPro Handyman Service
4805 Colfax Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Phone: 612-823-8128



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